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M&M Fast Track Learning Center

The Quickest Path to Learning and Excellence

M&M Fast Track Preschool Programs

Start making the difference in your child’s education today.

2 Year Old Playgroup 

  • Socialization and Peer Interaction
  • Learning to work in a school environment
  • Maximum 8 students per class
  • 2 sessions/week   

3 Year Old Preschool 

  • Socialization and Peer Interaction
  • Introduction to Phonics & Math
  • Hands-on activity for all learning styles
  • 2 sessions/week   

4 Year Old Preschool 

  • Specializes in kindergarten readiness
  • Phonics, Math, & Beginner Reading/Writing Skills
  • 4 sessions/week 

 *Your child must be 4 years old at school’s start to be eligible.  

Call and register today. (716) 677-4324 or (716) 870-4392